Daily Writing

Poem – 02/25/2019

My Snow

Outside, the white, resembles my mind

Blank like the clean slate of a canvas.

My feelings to you might feel cold and unmoving,

Just hold the snow of me and let it burn you cold.

Let your fingers go numb from the bite of my passion.

I hope I can color your cheeks red,

Just as you melt my heart down.

I hope you won’t forget me once the sun comes

And melts my snow away.

I hope you will love me when the snow once again takes my soul away

Daily Writing Prompt

02/24/2019 Outside the Window –
The wind, it roars outside, a wild angry roar. It screams a battle cry as it attacks the sides of the pale yellow house, shaking it to its core. The floors and walls groan out in pain. As the windows rattle in a sign of defiance, trying to keep the wind out of its warm domain. The wind an unwelcome guest.
And the yellow house stands its ground as the world outside is thrown into disorder. The tree’s dancing wildly to the sound of the winds battle cry as they watch the nearly always ongoing battle. The sky had long turned a dark grey, angered at the disorder happening under its gaze but stunned unable to do anything.