Anastasia’s Modern Renaissance Review


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Modern Renaissance

When fall rolls around and the leaves start to change, the weather gets colder, and you are surrounded by pumpkin galore, you need the perfect eyeshadow palette for the fall season. I believe that Anastasia’s Modern Renaissance is the perfect fall palette. This palette includes eyeshadows that are purely matte and ones that are metallic and have a beautiful glitter to them that’s not too overpowering for your everyday use. From deep reds to earthy shades of orange and beige, all the way to romantic pinks and shimmery golds; this palette has everything you need and is super versatile.  The colors of the palette are extremely beautiful and super pigmented, they blend together beautifully and go on easily. The colors you see are the ones you get when you put on the eyeshadow and that’s one thing I absolutely adore about this palette.

The palette also comes with a brush that is just perfect for those who do not have brushes of their own.

20171001_163236_001 (1) Bonus 

The Sephora lip gloss is an affordable option for an everyday lip gloss.  For $12 you are getting more than expected. The lip gloss goes on smoothly, has great color, is silky, and if you opt for the shimmer finish you’ll be getting a beautiful shine that compares to higher end lip glosses.  My personal favorite is the deep rose. This lip gloss is a gem among the Sephora brand makeup.


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