About Me

Hello Guys! My name is Nina and I’m on a journey.

What is my journey you might ask?

I’m on a fashion and beauty journey. Only recently dipping my toes into the world of fashion, make-up, and skin- care. And I want to take you guys on my path through this journey. I want to use this blog to analyze beauty products, skin-care products, and different clothing products. I will review the products first from the ingredients that go into them and other peoples experience with the products. Then I will review the products on my own and in person.

For the longest time, I was scared to try out the countless options offered in the beauty industry because of my skin type. My skin is sensitive, in the winter my skin dries up and is comparable to the Sahara desert, in the summer my skin is on the oily side. So, I hope I can help people with the same problem as me so they don’t have to take the risk and can go in knowing what to expect.

I also hope that as this blog progress I can learn more about fashion and beauty and offer advice along the way all the while learning.

Let’s embark on this journey!


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